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Tours for Solo Travelers & Singles Holidays

Below you find selected tours for singles & solo travelers and with singles holidays many comfy single room options for solo travelers, singles or friends in their own rooms. You’ll be able to quickly find, compare and book many of the best singles vacation offers on the market.

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For most of the solo travel tours there are also double rooms for solo traveling friends available! Some tours offer an option to share a room with another solo traveler of the same sex, in order to avoid a possible single supplement.

Important note: The majority of tours in this category are exclusively for solo travelers or there are individual travel dates available only for singles and solo travelers. In some cases, though, there might just special offerings for solo travelers be given within a tour or deal (like “no single supplement“). So always read the details of a tour or holiday deal carefully before booking! In case of doubt and if it is important to you to travel exclusively with other solo travelers, ask the provider of a tour about it.

With solo travelers, by the way, we generally mean those who travel without a partner and not only singles who travel completely alone. That includes thus the increasing number of those solo travelers who are in a relationship, but voluntarily or necessarily want to travel without their partner and possibly with a nice tour group. That’s also how most of our selected, popular and experienced solo tour operators see it – but also in this regard always read carefully whether a trip in exceptional cases is only aimed at singles and not at solo travelers in general!

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