What’s more beautiful and soothing than a little time out from everyday life? For the less courageous and experienced, it may be an overcoming to temporarily move out of the “comfort zone” of the familiar everyday life. But many solo travelers will confirm that in the end you are usually glad to have dared it: one forgets or relativizes the worries of everyday life through a new perspective, comes up with new ideas, gains unforgettable memories as well as valuable experiences and skills (as by overcoming certain fears), which in turn can be useful in everyday life later on. And sometimes new friendships for life are found. If you prefer to spend nice getaways with good old friends, you can of course include them in your gift and invite them to go on a trip and collect memories and experiences together! Ideas on what to gift for a trip to yourself and/or to others:

✅ Many travel offers can be canceled or rebooked free of charge

Experiences make happier than possessions

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